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There are many different ways I may be able to help.  I offer counselling and psychotherapy services to people of all ages. If you or a person in your care would benefit from support and connection, feel free to reach out today. Please note that I am not qualified to diagnose mental health disorders but can work with you to implement strategies and techniques based upon previous diagnoses or current symptoms.


All fees will be increasing by $15 per hour for each 50 minute counselling session on February 5th 2024.

Holding Hands

Individual Counselling

Is anxiety impacting your day to day functioning? Are you struggling with confidence, stress, or knowing who you are? Do you avoid events you wish you could attend or have trouble letting go?  These are just some reasons, among many more that may indicate that individual therapy would be a good fit for you.  


Cost: $125 + tax / 50 minute session 

Increasing to $140 + tax on February 5th 2024. 

Paper Heart

Couple/Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling can both enrich and maintain a healthy relationship as well as help rebuild connection and heal a struggling relationship.  If you are feeling stuck or like your relationship is falling apart, couples (relationship) therapy can help you and your partner(s) work through your emotions and get back on track and work as a team.  Relationship counselling is for people of all orientations, relationships or family structures.  

Cost: $150 + tax / 50 minute session 

Increasing to $165 + tax on February 5th 2024. 


Family Counselling

Family counselling can help with the strengthening of bonds between siblings, parents and children, and as a family unit.  In times of conflict, stress, divorce, death, or illness, children and teens can lash out and have difficulties with emotional regulation and impulsive behaviours.  When one family member is hurting, the whole family is impacted and by working together as a family everyone is a part of the solution. 

Cost: Starts at $165 + tax per 50 minute session depending on family size

Increasing to starting at $180 + tax on February 5th 2024. 

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